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Cotton market :(color masterbatch) industry become more market-oriented
Release date:2021-08-20 San Ya Plastic Masterbatch Co., Ltd Changzhou

Cotton market :(color masterbatch) industry become more market-oriented

Effective supply of cotton and production safety responsibility. Cotton production in Xinjiang has a population of over 700 million, or 35% of the cash income of farmers from cotton, some 60% to 70% of the cotton farmers income from cotton. Color Masterbatch

Under the new situation, especially since the price target to carry out reform, Xinjiang's cotton industry has undergone significant changes.

First, the development and expansion of cotton production trend change. 2015 Diaojian Xinjiang cotton area 610 acres, 2016 Xinjiang plans to place 150 acres of cotton area Diaojian, 2016 area of 3,000 acres of cotton, cotton production to focus on the advantages of cotton.

Second, cotton prices began mainly formed by the market. Target price reform of the market in resource allocation plays, determine the price effect. 2015 seed cotton price remained at around 5.7 yuan / kg, the interannual changes in the past between the larger phenomenon of the cotton market price volatility. Color  Masterbatch

Third, compare the effectiveness of cotton continued to decrease. The high cost of cotton production in Xinjiang, especially high labor costs problem difficult to solve the short-term, there is no target price subsidy income, farmers produce unsustainable.

Fourth, the quality of the cotton issue attention. Since the reform of the cotton target price, as the market mechanism to play a role in gradually, cotton production, processing and other aspects of the growing importance of cotton quality, improving processing technology according to the requirements of the textile industry, and change the past, mixed with other mixed-level at the time of acquisition of seed cotton, the pursuit of high clothing phenomenon points, implementation and classification, integrated lint, fiber length, strength and other indicators of pricing, the level of quality cotton in Xinjiang resumed ascension. Masterbatch

Fifth, the cotton industry chain stakeholders active interaction. Seed cotton, lint and cotton prices began docking and effective interaction, market Lunjia, cotton-related enterprises significantly increased awareness of quality. Processing companies and direct-to-market risk to market fluctuations, and with the production of seed enterprises to establish industry alliances, improve processing quality, guarantee the quality of cotton. Textile and garment industry is also accelerating the upgrading and development of high-end market, optimizing internal management, reduce business costs. With "along the way" to promote the building, inside and outside of the association will further increase the cotton market, Xinjiang cotton. Masterbatch


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